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Why do we give our SYSTEM clients so much content to use for their Newsletters, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter Posts, and Google Plus?

We’ll answer that in a minute but a better question you should be asking is, why are most of your newsletters (regardless who is creating it for you) and blog; if you even do one, living in the dark ages of marketing and to be honest, suck.

I know you don’t think they suck, you read them and think they are great.  The problem is you are not reading them as your patients and potential patients do.

They suck because everyone of you, with few exceptions send out newsletters, blogs and Social media posts that do not take into consideration what your patients and potential patients really want.  In fact, you probably don’t even know what they want.

So you send out what we call single focus articles, pictures and videos about you and what you do.  So if you are a chiropractor most of your content is about how chiropractic can help them.  If you are a nutritionist all of your content is pretty much about how nutrition can help them.  That at first glance seems to make the most sense, after all if they only knew about chiropractic they would know how great it is.  Or if they only knew about nutrition or exercise or acupuncture or whatever it is you do they would rush to come in as patients because you have the solution.

The trouble is you don’t get people to become patients by selling what you do.  You get people to come in as patients by getting them to believe that whatever they need  you have the answer.  You make them know you are a source of everything health.  That is what they are looking for, someone that can take them by the hand and walk them through this giant maze of health and wellness.

Ever hear of Amazon?  Of course! Amazon changed the world of marketing in a very unique way you need to understand.  They figured out that they can brand themselves in the consumer’s eyes that everything the consumer wants they can supply.  In fact, Netflix uses the same marketing technique, as does Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, CostCo and every other major Big Box retailer regardless what part of the world you live in. You need to be using this same technique in your newsletters, your blogs, your Facebook posts and with everything you send to your patients and potential patients.

Amazon figured out how to take your buying and browsing history (books you bought on Amazon, movies you rent, etc.) and suggest to you when you are in the shopping cart what others whom bought what you are buying also bought.  The goal behind that is to get you to buy more.  Then they figured out  how to take your buying history and send you unique email offers (literally each email is different for each person) based on the things they know you have bought or are similar to what you bought so you will buy more.  The end result is a company that revolutionized  marketing and has generated billions.

Now Netflix and all the other Big Box retailers do the exact same thing.  So if you get a flyer in email or snail mail, that flyer is unique for you and no one else is getting one exactly like it.  They know what you like and what you are most likely to purchase.

Of course it hasn’t stopped there.  All of us have given Facebook every detail of our lives; where we hangout, who are our friends, what we read, watch and eat.  Facebook uses this same marketing strategy to target what ads you see when you are on Facebook.  Google has figured that out also. Have you noticed that when you do a search on Google, pay per click ads on the page are for things you have searched for previously?

To be successful in the healthcare world you need to do the same thing.  You need to brand yourself as a source of everything health.  That is the only way to get people to want to become patients of yours because they believe you will have the answer they are looking for.  The only way to do that is to make sure you deliver health related content of all types on all health subjects.  It keeps them engaged and then when they have a problem or even if they want to just be more proactive about their health, guess who they will call for help?

That is why we give you 10,000 articles to use and twelve new ones each month.  We want you to be a source of everything health and this is the only way to do it.  Check out the video above to just see some of the content we gave our SYSTEM clients for June.


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