Video Marketing – Building your Facebook credibility

Just having a Facebook Like page is not enough.  You have to give people a reason to go to your page and once there want to give you their contact information so you can convert them to actual patients and clients.

Remember Facebook is all about building relationships.  Do you think building a relationship is just about posting positive affirmations?  Do you think it is about posting videos you see on other people’s Facebook pages or blogs? Building a relationship is letting people get to know about you, and you about them. Participation is the key.

People are using Facebook like they used to use the Yellow Pages.  They type in the service they are looking for in a location where they are. Then they go through each of the results and try to decide who has the most credibility to work with.

What better way to build your credibility than an interview of you? Here is your opportunity to really shine.  Think about this.  Most everyone knows how to name their page in Facebook (specialty – location – Name). So that advantage has been diluted.  What does that leave?  It leaves you separating yourself from the pack and an interview of you is a powerful way to do it.

In this video we show you how to take an interview and package it on Facebook to get the biggest bang. Using our Interviewee of the Week, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, we breakdown the simple procedure step by step. Just realize this.  Everyone recommends you get yourself interviewed.  We not only started the process but we have perfected it.  Remember your first impression is the most important one and when done right the inteview will leave a powerfully positive one.

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