Video Marketing Pearl of the Week Using Thumbnails to Drive Traffic

Do you want to know a simple trick to get people to your website?  Remember you want to get them to your website because they don’t become patients until they get to your website.  In fact, everything you do from Facebook to to Twitter has only one goal to get them to your website.  That is if the website you have is designed to engage people which unfortunately most aren’t.

I want to show you a quick way to standout in Google Search.

This last week or so I received videos from Pat Gentempo, Dan Sullivan, Matt Loop, Fab Mancini, Jared Yellin, John Brimhall, Clayton Roach, Joe Mercola, Josh Wagner, Jason Dietch, Josh Axe, Ed Osborn, and about a dozen other people whose name you probably know and that is just in the mornings.

If you are not video blogging, better known as vlogging, then you are only about three years or longer behind the times.

What I want you to do is take a look at the results of these Google searches.  The first one is for Chiropractic and neck pain what do you notice?

What stands out for you? If you take a look at the top of the page, out of over 9 millions page options the first listing on Page 1 is one of mine and you will also notice that it is the only one that shows a thumbnail of the video. In fact it is the only video on the page.

Now lets take a look at another one I did. This one is called Got Milk. The search returned 430,000 results. This one got to Page one Google, the #2 slot after just 14 hours. I am also the only video thumbnail on the page, and we even made it to the images section. Whats more fantastic is that four other SYSTEM clients created their own blog and made it to page one.

So how did I did I do it?

Very simple. Once you record a video, create an image that is either 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. You can do that in any video editing software or Paint if you use a PC or Preview if you are on a Mac. Makes sure the title of your video is in the image.

Once your video is completed, and of course if you are a SYSTEM client you get all the content you need and we even create the videos for you if you want, you are going to upload it to YouTube.

While you are uploading your video you will see on the edit page on YouTube a place to upload a custom thumbnail. Now I have already uploaded mine but as you can see, you would just click, find your image and upload your thumbnail right to the video.

Of course you need to add a good title and description and thats it.

These simple tricks are the difference between Google finding you on search or not finding you.


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