Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – Facebook Live the Right Way

The above video is a Facebook LIVE Professional Video sample previously recorded for ChiroSecure.  Hidden in this video is a killer strategy to get everyone to see all your posts in their newsfeed.

Here are 7 reason that as a professional you want to separate yourself from all the people using Facebook Live video.

  1. Right now, for most people Facebook LIVE is only available on your personal page, and as a professional you never want to use your personal page for your business.
  2. Using Facebook LIVE from your iOS mobile device makes you look like you are making a home movie and that makes you look like an amateur.
  3. It is impossible to brand your business or practice using the iOS App on your mobile device.
  4. Using your mobile device for Facebook LIVE limits you to being a giant talking head.
  5. Patients, Customers and Clients expect you to be exactly that, a professional and a cut above every newbie with an iPhone.
  6. You can’t Live Stream to multiple sources like YouTube, Periscope and Facebook at the same time using your iPhone so you limit your audience.
  7. You can’t bring guests on your Facebook LIVE stream unless the are sitting next to you and then you both look unprofessional.

So why aren’t more professionals just like you using Facebook LIVE Streaming video on the their Facebook Business Page?

Facebook designed the Facebook LIVE for business pages for serious businesses.  They assume a serious business will invest in equipment and software to be professional and they are right.  Almost all successful businesses have done that.  You’re a serious business right?  So why haven’t you made the investment?

I can tell you why.

The software and the equipment is very expensive and that is just the first hurdle.  The second hurdle is someone has to run the software and equipment and the learning curve is very steep.  Of course you can always put someone on the payroll to do it all for you but that means you still have to get the equipment and the software.

So what other alternative do you have?

Actually none until now.  We’ve build a TV studio for hire.  You can hire our team for whenever you want to go live.  This way you don’t have to invest in any equipment or software and you only pay for the time you use.  If you are ready to get professional and go live contact me, Dr. Alan at