Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – All the New Patients You Want

In this video Marketing Pearl of the Week brain based marketing expert, Dr. Alan Weinstein shows what the 6 most important website tools are to convert people into patients, customers and clients if price was no object.

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Hi I’m Dr. Alan and I have a question for you.

Are you getting all the patients you want from the internet, Facebook, your website, YouTube, and your blog?  If you are, than you probably do not need to finish watching this video but thanks for stopping by anyway.  However, if you are not getting all the patients you want than I want you to pay very close attention.

Hopefully, you do know that everything you do on the internet has only one goal. To get people to your website so they will set up an appointment to come into your office.

If you post on Facebook everyday the goal is the same. Get people into your office.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing the posting, you are paying someone else to post for you, or you are just taking other people posts and sharing them, the goal is the same. Get people into your office.  If you do a blog the goal is the same. Get people into your office.  If you paid someone to build you a website or you built it yourself the goal is the same. Get people into your office.  If this is your goal, than you need to keep watching this video.

Having been fortunate enough to do the marketing not only for hundreds of chiropractors, nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners, but also for some companies earning hundreds of millions of dollars on the internet, puts me in a unique position to know what works when cost is not an object.

While YOU may limit YOUR marketing budget to a couple of thousand dollars a year or less for some of you, these companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and more on marketing.

So let me tell you what works when money is not an object.  Although you may have directly experienced one or all of these great engagement tools when you visited the website of a brand recognized hugely successful company, they simply were never offered to you because their cost was out of reach.

Now the game has changed. We have spent the better part of almost two years trying to figure out how these same tools can be available for you and your business. Some even for as low as $19.95 a month.

I know that seems almost impossible to believe, but its true.

Now, I don’t know where it is that you are watching this video, but you can either learn more about each of these tools by scrolling down on this page or clicking a link provided on this page.

If you want all the new patients you can handle you need to read the rest of this page or click one of the links provided.

I’m Dr. Alan and now its your turn.



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