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I’ve always considered myself one of those people that can do a bunch of things at once. Listen to music, answer emails, create good copy, tweet, answer the phone, watch the stock market, let the dogs out, and all at the same time. Then I started to read that multi-tasking is not as productive as everyone thinks. In fact, regardless of what multi-taskers think, it may not be productive at all.

So, I decided to test just how productive I really was. That led me to what is called the Pomodoro Technique.

You can read more about it, but the Pomodoro Technique forces you to concentrate on one thing at a time for 25 minutes without focusing on anything else. It basically uses a timer that ticks away and then at the end of 25 minutes sounds an alarm, gives you a 5 minute break and then begins gain. Low an behold, there is no question that there is definitely a productivity advantage with focus.

So what does this have to do with marketing? Being creative and creating content requires concentration for it to be effective. Constantly having your focus, or lack of it, in a bunch of different directions is just not effective. I was amazed how much more I got done using the Pomodoro Technique. I’m convinced!

Of course, The “SYSTEM” creates the content for you so, you can concentrate on seeing patients which is where you make your money. Of course, your day is full of distractions, so consider the Pomodoro Technique when you are preparing reports, writing notes, or strategizing for your practice.

Here are some handy timers designed for the Pomodoro Technique you can download that helps keep you on task.

For PC users:

For Mac users:

For iPhone users:

We hope this is helpful.

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  1. Thanks so much Dr. Alan! I love David Allen’s book called “Getting Things Done” and use some of his techniques…I will add this one to my repertoire. I am downloading the app now, very helpful!

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